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What is MMM?

MMM - a global network of people offering mutual help, having fast steps of growth and under permanent development, whose members, by providing assistance to each other and guided by a certain system of rules, create their own personal income up to 50% per month!

⇒ Help today and you may be helped tomorrow!

⇒ For any needs

⇒ It doesn’t depend on the economy

⇒ No formalities and bureaucracy

⇒ A unique incentive system of bonuses!



A Community of mutual help

A Global fund of mutual help, the World People’s Bank, Financial Social Network - you can call it whatever you like. This is a voluntary and informal network of millions and millions of peopleworldwide who rebelled against the financial slavery and combined their money for this purpose.



This is not a formal structure

There is no formal organisation, which would supervise the community, no company that could go bankrupt, no central general account where the funds of the participants would be gathered. The exchange of funds are directly and only between the participants themselves!


MMM - a Socio-Financial Structure

There are no investments! No business! There are no transactions with the stocks or shares, norelationship with any professional participants of the stock market, there are no assets you purchase! The previous are paid only by the new comers!

There is no other source of income!


How does MMM work?



You provide assistance

In order to give help, you need to register, and state in your Personal Office (PO), that you want to give help. After some time the system will choose a member who has to receive help and you will transfer him the money.


Watch how your assistance grows

You may choose to wait for the expiration of the set period of time and observe how your welfare grows, as well as you may become an active member and receive additional bonuses!






You get help

When the expectation time is out, you can request assistance in the personal office, specifying the amount and where you want to receive it. After some time, the system will select the participant (or multiple participants) who indicated that wants to give help, and he will send you the amount that you have requested right where you wanted.


Why MMM?


The most favorable conditions

There is no other similar organisation in the world that would allow its members to receive such a high reward, having a similar stability at the same time.


Mutual aid

huge network of connections and acquaintances which allows you to give and receive help and support, not only in financial terms.



Quality of life

Recompense from the contributions in the system, as well the referral bonuses or manager’s bonuses allows one to have a high standard of life.



Social development

Mass events and flash mobs, the overall activity in various spheres of life, both public and private,charity events and generally a stormy life of the system gives you the opportunity to join in this huge, constantly active community.



Achieving success

The participation in the life of this wonderful system allows anybody to gain respect and fame in accordance with his/her desires, as well as become a valuable member of the society, regardless of his/her past successes and achievements.



A confident tomorrow

You are joining a unique network of millions and millions of people all over the world all connected to give you the assistance you require. No matter where you are, what you are doing or what your goals are in life, MMM will always be there to support you at its best!

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