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Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
Everybody knows that the captain lied
Everybody knows that the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That’s how it goes

“Everybody knows” by Leonard Cohen


What is the most valuable and the most important thing in our life? Ask yourself this question. Ask your family and friends. The answers will be different. Some will say this is love, some will say justice, freedom, health, family, honesty, dignity, etc. But very few people will say that the most valuable and important thing is money. But what do people spend most of their time on – earning money!

Everyone knows that money is not important and is not sacred. But it is money which rules the modern world, and it has become a cult. Money owns the human, owns his soul and mind.


What is money?

In the modern society, since childhood people have been taught: money can help us reach the object of our desires. Having money, you can buy anything you want, dress how you like, and travel wherever you wish. But the main thing is that having money, you will be successful in the eyes of others. And you are afraid of being without money. Not because you will have less to eat. Food is a basic necessity and not a purpose of life. The human nature will always strive for higher achievements than simply food. It happens precisely because you are afraid not to fulfill your obligations to family members, you are scared of being a loser among friends and being outcast in the society.

But why does money have such power over you? Someone will say that money is the measure of labor. And those, who work more, and who contribute more to the development of the society, earns more as well. And if you have no money or you have a little – it means you’re lazy and you parasitize on other members of society!

But is money really a measure of labor? An employee gets paid with a monthly salary. But where do his employer, the employer’s employer, the employer’s clients take money from? Does it fall down from the sky during the working day? Is money brought by the stork? No, first money must be printed or created electronically by someone. And since the gold standard was abolished by the collapse of the Bretton Woods monetary system in 1973, money is already possible to create in any quantity and without any cost.

But, of course, not all, but only the “elite”, has the right to create money. These unlimited rights belong to the Treasury and Central banks. A bit fewer rights belong to commercial banks. So, in the United States the fractional reserve ratio for major banks is only 10%. And if you have $1000 deposited in the bank, the Bank may keep $900 of them for its purposes and, without asking your permission, give credit to another person. The commercial bank can turn $1000 cash (M0) into 10,000 on all deposits (M3). Is this activity a hard work? But, of course, someone has to work. It is sure not to be the bank, spending time on money creation, but the borrower, wearing himself out in order to pay out the loan to the bank. Otherwise – debt collectors or even confiscation of property. So to say, the distribution of duties: some people work for money, others print it. Is it fair?

But this is the top of the iceberg – injustice lies deeper. The modern monetary system makes productive work unprofitable. The income of the grapes collector is limited by the harvest he can gather. To collect a ton of grapes, you need to invest physical and mental strength, sweat, ache in the muscles, blisters on the hands. But the human body has physical limits – it doesn’t stand endless loads! How does the investment trader make money? He is not engaged in productive work, he does not create anything new, but he gets a commission on each successful speculative transaction in the stock market. To earn twice as much as he is earning, he does not have to work twice as long as he is doing, he can conduct twice as large-scale transaction as he is doing. One, who speculates on the labor of others, will always get much more than those who are engaged in productive work. It is an axiom of the modern economy.

In our days, money is not a measure of labor, it is bonds and fetters, durable and unbreakable chains, which hold their servants. All of us are the servants of money. Especially of those who print them. We still live in a system where there are masters and servants – it is just more cultural now. Shackles became invisible and weightless, it looks like they’d disappeared and you may go anywhere and do anything – you are free. But in reality the “freedom” is an illusion.


What is happening in the world today?

Turn on the news-bulletin. What is on? The war in Africa, the war in the Middle East, and now the war in Europe – in Ukraine. In the economy – recession, stagnation, defaults and crises. Why do instead of progress we see falling back? In the world there is more and more violence. The impoverishment of the middle class, the increasing gap between the rich and the poor.

The secret that politicians keep is that the modern world is arranged in such a way that all can’t be successful and rich. This is a contest. Only a few always win, while the majority loses. The modern financial system is becoming more like a gambling, casino game – one has won and become super-rich, and the others have lost all their money.

More and more people realize that their hopes will not come true. This creates frustration and aggression. More and more nations in the world understand that after the reforms, which the World Bank or the IMF impose, they will never live like in the United States. And it alarms the population and causes the desire of revenge, radicalism and violence. This is not the cause of the terrorist attacks and wars, about which we hear every day on the TV?

The way out of the global crisis – the creation of a new financial system, where one’s winning will not mean the loss of another one.


How can people change the world for the better?

The mass media constantly tell their favorite tale: “Your life and the life of the country depends on the politicians you elect. Participate in the elections, control officials, demand reform!” Politicians, parties, parliaments, elections – the state can’t do without them. But modern politics is simply a way to divide people and rule over them.

People’s life can’t change only because they have adopted another law. Most important thing is how people behave themselves, how they treat each other. If people are united, help each other, then they will be really free. Since they will be able to provide themselves with a decent standard of living without additional assistance from the state or banks.

Today we live in the Internet age. People from different parts of the world can not only communicate with each other in social networks, but also change the world. And the things that used to be unreal, now becomes achievable. MMM is building a new model of economic relations, which will make the world more humane. Will we achieve it? It depends on us, on our efforts.

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