The MMM Community is built on the principles of mutual aid and benevolence. As a result, MMM is much more progressive than any other commercial company. In a commercial company, money is a goal. And if the company is not profitable, it goes bankrupt and closes down. MMM doesn’t keep money, but simply join together people willing to provide assistance to those who are willing to receive it. Therefore, MMM can’t go bankrupt. The founder and leaders of MMM are public figures. They regularly record video messages. Since January 10, 2011 MMM has never stopped its activity. It is impossible that one day MMM will close down and will cease to exist.

The main factor of MMM’s success is a continuous progressive growth of the active members of the Community who are actively engaged in the development of the system, and, in addition, request assistance not in the full amount, which they have available, but only the amount which they really need for their personal and family needs. However, it is incorrect to say that the participation in MMM does not pose any risk. There are some risks! And we want to tell about them publicly and in detail. As you know, in the PO the Community member, after he/she has donated money, is awarded with the conventional unit – MMM’s, which constantly grows, and he/she also can see the maximum assistance which is allowed to request. But theoretically it might happen that the participant asks for help, and this assistance is not provided (the order to receive money doesn’t come). This would occur if the total number of requests for assistance exceeded the amount of requests to provide assistance (in other words – more people want to get donations than to donate themselves). The worst-case scenario in this situation is restart when the charged MMM’s are cancelled. In this case, the work of the Community is re-launched and all participants can continue to participate from zero. However, the members of the MMM Community have developed a lot of measures to avoid this scenario.


What measures are taken to provide reliable work of the MMM Community?

When the number of the Community members is growing, the pyramid scheme allows each participant to receive a larger amount of donation than he did. But a pyramid scheme is not very effective when growth rates are low and when a lot of participants have requested assistance at the same moment. Therefore, MMM uses a number of other mechanisms to stabilize the Community work in such situations. They include:

1. Pause Mode. During the Pause Mode, the MMM’s accrued in the participant’s Personal Office before the beginning of this mode, stop its growth. As the Pause Mode ends, the “old” MMM’s continue growing again, and you can get help. The Pause Mode can last for one to two months. While paused, you can exchange all the old MMM’s, but at a floating ratio.

2. Floating Ratio. If it is impossible to pay the requested amount fully to the participants, there can be introduced a special ratio and participants will receive assistance in part. For example, during the previous Pause Mode, it was allowed to exchange all MMM’s and get help, which would be 110% of that you had given.

3. Installment Receipts. MMM follows the rule – the order to receive money should come in half an hour after making the request. But in the difficult for the Community period, participants may not receive help immediately, but in parts (for example, each week they will receive an installment of 25% of the amount requested).

All the measures described above are the precautions for the future. Now MMM global is working successfully, and taking any of the pointed measures is not required!


What can I personally do for our Community security?

The Community members do not have any legal obligations and agreements. Taking part in the Community is a personal decision of each participant and his personal responsibility. There couldn’t be any guarantees and promises in principle. The work of the Community depends entirely on its members’ behavior. At the same time, there are a few simple tips and recommendations, which will make participation in MMM safer for you:

1.Don’t donate the sum which is critical for you. Remember: in MMM money is not invested, but donated by some participants to other ones. It is better to help with a little money, but to do it graciously and with all your heart.

2. Regularly give and ask for help. It is unwise to wait until the amount available for withdrawal, will be astronomically large, and then request the entire amount at once. It’s harmful for you and for the community as a whole. MMM was not created for enrichment, but for other purposes. It is safer to help weekly with a small amount (regard MMM as a piggy bank). Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance whenever it is necessary, but not more than you need. I.e. if you want to buy a TV for $ 1000, you don’t have to request assistance for 10 thousand dollars.

3. Tell about MMM and invite to the Community. As it has been mentioned earlier, the work of the Community wholly and fully depends on the activity and actions of its participants. MMM will work in a stable way if each participant invites just one new member per month. It is simple to tell about MMM – our Community is open to all people regardless of their status and income level. We are proud of what we are doing. And don’t forget to mention that MMM is a Community of mutual help, and not a way of making money.

4. Be positive to it. We want MMM to bring people only positive emotions. We want the members of our Community to be happy and share happiness with others. Be sincere with yourself and don’t venture a lot of money, so as not to worry later. On the Internet there are a lot of scam projects. And if you have visited MMM site for the first time, you will doubt: what’s true and what’s false. This is normal – you should always be careful and your decisions should always be conscious and-well-founded. If you have any questions, please contact our consultants.


The MMM Community is developed by its participants.
Our activity, kindness and creativity determine how comfortable and safe the Community will be!

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