Mutual Aid Programs


The members of the MMM Community give each other money. To encourage people to help each other, we have developed the mutual aid programs. The more money you have donated, the more money you will be helped back.

To provide assistance, you have to make a request in the Personal Office. In some time you will receive an order with contact and banking data of the participant, who you must transfer money to. As soon as you’ve made a request for giving assistance you are awarded with MMM’s – conventional units that reflect the amount of donation you made or bonuses you got for active participation in the development of the system. The Community regards MMM’s with ratio 1:1 (one to one) to the currency you use (i.e. if you donate in US dollars – 100 MMM’s = $ 100 USA.

When making a request for help you choose a mutual aid program, under which your MMM’s will grow. The number of MMM’s means the maximum amount of assistance that you may request for in the future. The MMM Community offers two mutual aid programs at the moment:



MMM’s growth rate – 30% per month.

The participant is allowed to request for assistance not earlier than 2 weeks after he has donated money.
After two weeks there are no restrictions on requesting help. It is allowed to ask for the entire amount or a part of it at any time.
The growth rate is added twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday).
For example, if you have donated 100 dollars, you will be awarded with 100 MMM’s-dollars, which, in 1 month, turns into 130 MMM’s. Consequently, you can count on getting $ 130.



MMM’s growth rate is 50% per month.

Freezing – 3 months. In 3 months the number of MMM’s increase 3.375 times.
In 3 months (after defrosting) MMM’s growth rate is 30% per month and their withdrawal is allowed at any time.
If you request assistance before defrosting (earlier than 3 months), you will receive the face value – the amount which you donated.
For example, if you have donated 100 dollars, you will be awarded with 100 MMM’s-dollars, which, in 3 months, turns into 337.5 MMM’s. Consequently, you can count on getting $ 337.5.

The minimum amount of donation is $10.
The total amount of donation you give mustn’t exceed $10,000. This restriction is introduced so that MMM would not been considered as an investment project. The Community’s aim is a decent standard of living for all its members, not the rapid enrichment of individual participants.

NOTE! Before you donate money, be sure to read the section “Risks“.

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