MMM is a living and dynamically developing Community. We develop mutual aid programs, find new ways to promote our ideas, improve the functionality of your personal office. However, there are basic and fixed principles of the MMM Community which each member of the Community must know and follow.


4 basic principles of the MMM Community:

1. Assistance given from one member of the community to another is a non-refundable donation of money.
2. Participants should donate only non-critical sum of money. This is the amount that the participant is willing to donate-graciously.
3. Participants share ideas and goals of the MMM Community.
4. Members of the MMM Community should be kind and honest to each other.

These basic principles are the basis of the MMM Community, and they remain unchanged. But the terms of saving and bonus programs, the terms of additional shares and offers, the mechanism of Personal Office (PO) work can be changed at any time.

Since real people, but not their money are important for MMM, that’s why one person is allowed to register only one account.


Mutual-Aid Programs

MMM appreciates and rewards those who provide assistance to other participants. The donator gets special points in his PO – MMM’s. The amount of MMM’s reflects the maximum amount of assistance that a participant may request. MMM’s grow at a rate from 30% to 50% per month depending on the type of the mutual-aid program. You can read more about them in this section “Mutual-Aid Programs”.
MMM’s are the units that measure the contribution of a participant in the Community’s development. MMM’s cannot be regarded as a currency or debt.
If it is necessary and for the sake of the Community’s development, the amount of accrued MMM’s can be changed or even completely cancelled at any time. Before you donate, please read about “Risks”.


Bonus Program

MMM encourages the participants who actively develop and popularize the Community. There are four bonus programs.

1) If you invite a new member of the Community, you get a referral bonus of 10% of the sum he donates.

2) If you help and consult other less experienced members of the Community, you get Manager’s bonus of up to 5% of the sum the participant donates.

3) Donating for the first time, you can get a registration bonus – from $20 to $100.

4) If you record a video about you getting donation, you are encouraged with a bonus of up to 5% of the amount of this donation.

You can find out more about them in this section.



All members of the MMM Global Community have the opportunity to participate in a weekly lottery. To take part in the lottery you don’t have to pay money – you just need to guess the numbers. The prize fund of each lottery – $5,000 + ever-growing jackpot. You can get more info about the lottery procedure in the FAQ section.



If a member is unable or unwilling to comply with others’ requests because he goes on holiday or for some other reasons, he can choose Holiday mode in his Personal Office. For the period of “Holiday” mode, investments do not grow and orders do not come.


Trustors and Trustees

If a member does not want to operate in the Personal Office (make requests, process orders) on his own, he can choose a Trustee, who will do it for him. You can get more information how to take part in the System through a trustee in FAQ.


The Legal Status of the MMM Community

The MMM Community is not a legal entity, it is not a corporation or company. MMM doesn’t have any bank accounts, does not conduct any commercial activities and does not provide investment or consulting services. The MMM Community is a voluntary association of private persons.
The Community members give each other money gratuitously, without any conditions, and promises. Therefore, the Community members do not come to any legal relationship with each other. Donating money between private persons is not prohibited by international and national legislation. But in some countries the donation of large sums is taxed. Participants of the MMM Communities themselves comply with the tax laws and other legislation of the country of their residence.



The Community members should understand that the aid is distributed by the pyramid scheme: newcomers help those who are above them. Therefore, in order that the mutual aid process is not stopped, the number of participants should be increased. In the MMM Community money is not invested in business projects or securities. MMM just redistributes money between members of the Community, connecting the donor to the recipient. The Community constantly works to improve the reliability of the mechanism of mutual assistance. However, it may happen that those who have donated other Community members will not receive help back. These are the rules of our Community.

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