Ideology of MMM

The modern world is very bad – inhumane, dishonest and unfair. It is the world of money – for those who make this money, for bankers and financials. And people just play the role of servants for them.

What is the basis of the commonwealth? Work. Then tell me why a banker or a stockbroker lives much better than a countryman? Do they work much more? Bull shit! It is simply ridiculous to say it as they do not even produce anything, other than some simple technical operations. We got used to such state of affairs and take it as normal. And by the way there is nothing “normal” here.

Why the banker works less, but lives better? Because the banker is a money operator. Hence, Money is the basis – the cornerstone.


What is Money?

Means of calculation, a measure of labor? We have been said since our childhood that money does not fell down from the sky and we must “earn it honestly and in sweat”. Yes, we need to work. But what will be in the end? Chicken feed for pension and hunger in old age? All your life you work for someone, he takes your power and health and then simply throws you away. These are horrific realities of the modern society. This is exactly what is expecting the vast majority of people in the future, like it happened with their parents and grandparents, their grandchildren and grand-grandchildren. This is how the world is made.
Why? It is not right and it is unfair, it mustn’t be! Since we are all people, brothers, we are “equal”? Maybe we are “equal” in our work rights? Yes, but not for its good salary. What about the right to be elected? – Do you have money for an election campaign? Don’t believe anything from what sleek and well-fed owners of the world tell you on TV screens. People are not equal at all and money is not the measure of labor – all this is a lie. These noodles which they hang on your ears with great pleasure. For what reason? To rule you more easily.
Money – is not a measure of labor, it is bonds and fetters, durable and unbreakable chains, which hold their slaves. All of us are slaves – the slaves of money. Especially of those who print them. We still live in a slavery system – it is just more cultural now. Shackles became invisible and weightless, it looks like they’ve disappeared and you may go anywhere and do anything – you are free. But in reality the “freedom” is an illusion. Everything is only for money. And where can you take it from? Only after selling your power, mind and time… Have you ever thought that selling yourself is immoral? It is like prostitution. But people must work, you will claim. Yes, we need to work, to create something new, useful for society, or we will degrade and die. But people must work voluntarily and not for the soup, not only for the reason of surviving. We must do what we like, and we all must work. In fact we all are equal – so let’s work all together. But the situation is that someone works hard for money, another one just “prints” it. It is abnormal, unacceptable and unsustainable. And there can be no explanation and justification for this state of affairs.


How does the financial world look like?


It is a pyramid. And on the top of it — the FED (Federal Reserve System) USA, which prints dollar. As many, as they would like! Of course they have some of their own rules and patterns, for example they try not to print them so many dollars, that they devaluate in the end. But in principle — as many as they want. Apparently there is no restriction at all!
On a level lower there are all the central banks of different countries — lower — all the local national banks. Why do we need all these banks? Generally speaking they are supposed to be as blood vessels in an organism. The blood (money) from the heart (central bank) is pumped to all other parts and organs of the body. How does it relate to us? The dollar is a worldwide currency. Other banks can’t print money without FED’s permission. Otherwise it will be expelled out of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and there will be additional sanctions imposed against the intruder.
But not only FED prints out the money. All the banks do it! Many people work hard and can’t pay their credits. The fact is that by issuing loans, banks actually repeatedly , tens, hundreds and thousands of times increase the amount of the money in circulation – or rather, the debt. And besides, the debt assigned to the borrowers is real, whereas debt of the banks are simply virtual, are only written on the paper. It is due to the fact that the number of depositors is much larger than the number of creditors, and they will never come for their money once at the same time. Well, only in the case if there is a panic. That is why the panic is very dangerous for the banks — 90% of their money is virtual. All in all it means that money multiplies everything, except us. And is absolutely uncontrolled! A poor borrower will never pay back all the money to the bank no matter how hard he works, because the amount he owes to the bank simply does not exist. Smart bankers made them from nothing, create them from thin air! So the bank has no fear for his debt, in reality he will never have to pay it all. But the debtor, on the other hand, will have to pay the loan fully – with all the interests and charges. Take new credits, then the new ones… and so endlessly, until the very end. There is no exit from this credit snare – it is closed. Debtor is the bank’s slave for ages, his children, and grandchildren. A slave of this awful and monstrous cannibal world financial system, which gave birth to this ruthless and brutal mechanism. And which must finally be destroyed.


Financial apocalypse


Only this can break the chains and save us all. Release us from this centuries old slavery. The old will burn out without a trace in its flame and the new will be born. Burn away and the wind of changes will take the FED away, this damn voracious octopus, a spider which enmeshed the whole world in his financial net, all this will burn. They are not blood vessels, don’t believe them! They bring the death to all living creatures; they are like parasites on the healthy body of society and they became bigger from its blood. Gluttonous and insatiable. What useful do they actually do for us? They give credits at terrible interest rates. And why do the banks charge interest from credits? Loan interest, usury is the main evil of the modern financial system and economy. It was despised for a long time and by many nations, but now it is legitimized. Why? Because when someone takes credit in a bank, he would like to create a new project, something new, he does his best for the society, to make something useful. He should be awarded with discounts, but not punished!
Unfortunately nowadays banks are created precisely for such a job. Their own interests are more important than the interests of the society. Modern banks are the FED servants; they are greedy and avaricious bloodsuckers, small ghouls and vampires that serve to a giant and evil monster. That plunged the whole world into their financial cabala and sucks the blood from everyone and will continue unless we stop and destroy it. Only financial apocalypse! There is no other way: we are not slaves, we are people. We choose freedom!

And this freedom is just around the corner. Now with MMM appearance the financial apocalypse is inevitable and imminent! Now it is just a question of time — the grain is thrown and it is already sprouting! Right now at this very moment; it — won’t die!



What is MMM?




It is the Global Mutual Aid Society, the world’s national bank, financial social network – we can call it as we like. It is a voluntary non-formal union of millions of people, which turned against the financial slavery all over the world. Those, who declared a war against FED and banks and decided to win that war! They have united all their money. They may seem not enough when everyone is one by one, but together we have the power. Huge invincible power! Which is growing bigger day by day.
These banks exist based on what? They live not at the expense of oligarchs and millionaires; they exist only with the help of us, little people, who deposit on savings our small amounts of money. MMM knocks the ground under the bank’s feet and shows people the truth. Why do people bring money to banks for a rubbery of 8% per year, whilst the inflation is much higher? Because there is no other way to go. There is no other alternative, nowhere else to deposit the money. The banks are a monopoly, not to this one – so to the other one. They are all from the same place; they are all the children of the kind and caring spider-mom – the FED.
And now finally there’s an alternative. MMM – is yours, native. People here help each other: today you help someone, tomorrow someone will help you- this is the principle. Do you want a fat banker to buy a new limousine or a villa? Do you want to become a new slave? Participate in MMM and let your money help those, who are really in need – the poor, invalid, pensioner, mother of many children. Love you neighbor, help him! MMM – is like a big nightstand, and people hold their money to it, and then get it back as the need comes. They take as much as they need (not seize, but take).
Actually people don’t need so much money. The feeling that they have it is much more important. The confidence in the next day is a basic necessity for everybody. And MMM just gives people this confidence. It gives the sense of union and solidarity – you are not alone! That in a difficult moment you will always have someone to come to rescue. You won’t be thrown away. MMM – is a part of a new society – a brighter and purer one. A new world, where there will be no money – current money. Where everything will be different – fair and square. Were there will be no slaves and no masters, and everyone will work. For his own pleasure and for the benefit of the society. And where good finally wins evil. All this will be for sure!
Welcome to the system! Together We are Power! We are changing the World. And we will definitely change it – everything will be MMM! The Financial Apocalypse is inevitable!

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