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A mega-conference of MMM took place in Indonesia

The conference of MMM leaders in Indonesia took place on 19 September in Surabaya. (Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia, with the population of 3.3 million people, located in the east of the island of Java). The conference dealt with the development of MMM in Indonesia after the restart.

The MMM Community in Indonesia was formed in 2012. And during almost 2 years of development, the number of participants reached more than a million people. But this summer, the expansion rate decreased slightly, and it caused the excess of number of requests for withdrawal over requests for investing. As a result, there was a restart and all the old MMM’s were frozen.
After the restart the managers of MMM continue to work with renewed energy. The slogan of the conference is “Ready to fight”. The conference brought together leaders from all over Indonesia to share experience and jointly make a plan for further development of the Community. One of the brightest speakers was 100K manager Firdaus Bawazier. She inspired all of the conference participants with her cheerfulness and optimism.

The main thing in MMM is common ideas and values. Therefore, neither restarts, nor any other problems will stop the development of the Community.

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