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FRAUD ALERT: Frauds launched the clone site of MMM Global

Attention! Frauds started the site www.mmmglobal.in. This site is out of all relation to MMM Global in particular and as a whole. MMM Global has only two official sites: http://mmmglobal.org and http://mmmglobal.biz.

MMM has been actively developing in different countries during the last four years. And there were many fraudulent projects during the whole this period. The swindlers use the brand of MMM, invite people, call them to transfer money to their personal accounts, and then steal this money and disappear.

Another dangerous type of fraud is a fake of the design of the first page of the Personal Office. The member, suspecting nothing, enters the e-mail and password of his PO. But in reality, there will be no entrance to the PO, but the information about e-mail and password of the participant will be in the hands of frauds. Therefore, in this way they will try to get access to your PO.

Remember that all transfers of money in MMM Community are made only through Personal Offices. The only its address is https://mmmoffice.com. Even if the design of the page is the same with another address, do not enter your e-mail and password!

MMM welcomes the activity of its members and creation of their own unofficial sites for the promotion of the Community. But, first, these informal sites should always have a link on the Personal Office (in https://mmmoffice.com). Secondly, there must be links on the official sites of the MMM. Third, it should indicate the team which created this site, who the members are and what their status in the Community is.

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