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FRAUDALERT: The Site mmmeu.com does NOT belong to the MMM Community


Warning: the website mmmeu.com has nothing to do with MMM, it uses MMM symbols and texts illegally – to deceive participants and get their money fraudulently.

MMM is the largest and best-known cooperative community and donation exchange in the world. In different countries worldwide, there are many scam projects which use our brand to cheat people. Taking MOMMIE as an example, we can give you a few tips how to distinguish the official website of MMM from scam sites.

Frauds write about themselves: “We are part of the MMM team which engaged in the development and promotion of the System in Europe. In order to improve the performance and simplify the development of MMM in a particular region, all System are divided to different structures like MMM Russia (Russia and CIS countries), MMM India (India), MMM Asia (South Asia) and MMM Global (China, Brazil and Latin America).

We can see how the scams mix lies and the truth. Indeed, there is a Russian structure, there are such structures as MMMIndia, MMMAsia and MMMGlobal. But there is NO separate structure working in Europe. Participants from Europe register in MMMGlobal. MMMGlobal works not only in China and Latin America, but all over the world, except CIS countries, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia. You can find the list of MMM official sites at the bottom right on this page.

Let’s read some more information on the fake website: “In case of that we have designed new and improved version of Account (the main source used by participants to provide or request assistance) which is currently in beta stage.”

In MMM there is only one version of the personal office: https://mmmoffice.com. All the statements about other (so-called improved) versions of PO is a lie, which intended to get the money from potential participants of MMM.

Also keep in mind that Sergei Mavrodi regularly records a video message for official structures in which he calls the name of the structure whose participants he is talking to.

If you have noticed another scam website or you have any doubt whether the site belongs to MMM, please contact our online consultants or write to feedback.

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