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MMM Global Has Been Launched in Argentina


At the beginning of September, the Community participants in Argentina formed their own structure within the MMM Global Community.

Thanks to this, the Community members in Argentina can make and get donations in their own currency (Argentine peso), using accounts in local banks. It will make the process of participation in the Community much easier for the Argentine participants, and therefore will give a new stimulus to the development of MMM in this Latin American country.

For the convenience of participants from Argentina and other Spanish-speaking countries, the official website of MMM Global was fully translated into Spanish: http://mmmglobal.org/es/.

Argentine participants manage their page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mmmglobal.argentina, where they publish news about the development of MMM Global Community, as well as discuss current social and economic problems.

Argentines’ special interest in the ideas and goals of MMM can be explained by the specifics of the economic crisis in their country. Last summer, Argentina turned out to be in default since, according to the decision of the U.S. court, the Argentine state-owned assets in American banks were blocked. The U.S. court considered the agreement on the partial debt payment signed between Argentine government and international lenders illegal. The Argentine crisis demonstrates that in the modern financial system economic sovereignty belong only to the country that emits the international reserve currency.

We should remind that on the first of August this year, MMM Global already began to work in Brazil. MMM Global intends to keep expanding its presence in Latin America.

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