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Transfer in e-money

In MMM Global the transfer in e-money (Perfect Money and Bitcoin) is carried out now within 36 hours, but not 48 hours as previously. It will allow participants to receive the requested assistance more quickly.
At the same time, if the sender does not have time to transfer the money within 36 hours, he may ask just once the recipient to extend the waiting period for 24 hours.
All transfers in the international structure are made with e-money (in the personal office it is defined as the country “Republic of Bitcoin”). And in the structures of isolated countries (China, Brazil, Argentina, etc.) participant can choose during providing and receiving assistance whether to use the national currency or e-money (Perfect Money or Bitcoin).
The period for the transfer of money in national currencies remains 72 hours because it requires the realization of money transfer via banks, and work with it takes much more time than work with e-wallets.

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