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Unconfirmed MMM’s

Dear participants!
The system has just been launched and no one can request anything because everyone has only unconfirmed MMM’s. And it is impossible to confirm them because nobody requests anything. An endless circle. :-))

In general, to deal with this situation, we are taking unprecedented measures. :-))

Unconfirmed MMM’s are allowed to be taken out.
At any moment, of course we can cancel this “bliss” (and then everything will keep working in a usual way: and only confirmed ones may be taken out), but now take out unconfirmed ones. Use the chance. Catch the moment! :-))
How will things work in practice? You invested 100. In a month you still weren’t requested by anyone and MMM’s are still unconfirmed. If you received a request in the PO, then, of course, you must pay for it as usual! But what if the request didn’t come and MMM’s remained unconfirmed. Now you want to get the money plus the accrued interest, i.e.130. You can withdraw 100 from your bank account (because nobody has taken them out), and 30 are paid to you. That’s it.

Together we change the world.

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